Grace Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is located the beautiful Vancouver British Columbia.

We currently have 2 gymnasium and several community center sports gymnasiums. Our main training location is Seaview School sport gym which is located in Port Moody City and the gym is about 20m x 20m by 6m high ceiling. There are carpet, mirrors, mattresses, ballet training bar, audio system and so on. Weekday's classes from 5pm to 9:30 pm are in this gym. Our second gym is in Archbishop Carney Secondary Rigion School, in Port Coquitlam City. The weekend classes are in here from 9:30am to 5:00 pm. This gym is about 50m x 50m by 7m high ceiling. We have carpet, high end audio system, different training facilites.

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Our Advantages


Professional Rhythmic Gymnast, Judge, and Coach.

Our head coach Linda is a 30 years professional rhythmic gymnast, coach and judge.

She has practiced gymnastics for more than 15 years and rhythmic gymnastics for more than 30 years. In 1981, she was enrolled Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. In 1982, as a national team member, she represent China to compete for 4 continents championships in Newzland and won the second place. That is the first Chinese RG team won the rewards in international competitions. During that time, she won many rewards in home and abord. Later, Rhythmic Gymnastics is her own career.


Fun, Friendly and Freedom.

You have fun, freedom and development is our first priorty. As they say, time flys away as you have fun. You will learn rhythmic gymnastics skill quickly and easyly as you enjoy the fun and freedom atmoshpere. In our club, Coaches and students will commuicate frequently. We solve the prolbem issues very shortly as we found it. We requir every students should follow the gym rules and forbid bullying and discrimnation in club. Club is a melt pot of every ethnic and we repect everyone's privacy and religons

Coach Linda has a solid education background. She was a professor of Beijing University of Physical Education. She has tons of experienc to find a best way to teach your kids. As her student lovely call her nicely, friendly, kindly and patient mom.


Open, explor and encourage.

Our club welcome every girl who are interested in this beautiful, uniqe and lovly sport. Our door is open to you only if you want to try and explor and develop and improve your body and mind no matter what is your age, nationality and experience. We are very flixiable for times,costumes, and body conditions. Our coach team will find a best training way to let you explor and deverlop your intenal potent talent. Hand by hand to teach you the basic jumpe, cartwheel, spinning, backward,throw and cach so on... We can help students to chose music and design leotards for their routines but wed like to encourage students to explor themsleves. Thus, you can not only save money but improve their knowledge and have fun and enjoy the process.

Mission & Values

Grace your body and mind

Come to join us to this fast growth sport. Grace club supplies you the essential gym to grace you body to skiny, your mind more powerful. Our team instructs you to practice apparatus and body movements in carpets. Suitable exercise will help your body health and looks more graceful and beautiful.

Safty, reliable and trusty

Rhythmic Gymnastics plays in gym and with carpet. The apparatuses are composed of rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon, and some soft training tools. All the participants are girls. Students do many exercises by themselves under instructors. Any risk movement should get approvement before doing. Grace Club is the member of BCRGS and has group insurance for every students. Coaches are registed by GCG. Therefore, your safty most important for us.

You have dreams, we help you

When you have a dream to become a graceful, elgent and powerful girl or a gymnast to show you talent to audiance, join our team. Let's explor,improve and achive it. Coach team will chorgraphy a routine according to your ability and code to maximize your routine. What you do is warmup and practice. You conqure and control youslef and achive your gymnast drem in the competitions. When you stand on the podium, your dream is there.

Make Friends, have fun

IN Grace club, we are do our best to build up a friendly, peacful and harmon atomsphere for all students. NO Bulling allow in the gym. We are rather a club than a big family. We have different games,mix group in warm up and so on to let them make friends, have fun time. Your happy is our forever goals

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